Read the following statements and place a 0-5 beside each statement indicating whether that statement properly describes you and your interests and abilities. A low number indicates a weak interest/ability in an area. A high number indicates the opposite. When you are finished, click the button at the bottom labeled “Submit”.

I am socially active and get along well with others at all times.
I have the ability to understand spiritual truth when I read the Word of God.
I enjoy sharing spiritual truths with others.
I enjoy telling others what Christ has done for me either in word or in song.
I find it somewhat easy to present Bible truths in a simple, easy to understand manner.
I find satisfaction in giving comfort to those who are troubled or in sorrow.
I enjoy doing odd jobs around the church.
God has given me a special ability to make money.
I know when and how to delegate tasks to other people.
I enjoy doing little things for people who cannot take care of themselves.
I find it easy to believe God’s promises in spite of adverse circumstances.
I believe salvation is the greatest gift of all.
I am able to put together biblical facts to show a truth.
Others look to me for spiritual help.
I don’t mind speaking/singing before people.
My insights into God’s Word are received with interest by those to whom I share them.
My friends seek me out whenever they need a shoulder to cry on.
I am not bothered by the fact that others receive recognition for accomplishments to which I have contributed as a helper.
My giving consistently is above ten percent of my income.
I am able to organize people in order to accomplish complicated tasks.
When told of another’s misfortune, I know what kind of aid is required.
I am not easily discouraged concerning God’s ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
I enjoy attempting to persuade non-Christians to place their faith in Jesus Christ.
I enjoy spending many hours studying the Bible.
I understand how the Word of God applies to everyday life.
When I speak or sing for the Lord, people are often blessed.
I enjoy thinking of new and more effective means of communicating God’s Word to others.
I have been successful in encouraging other Christians to continue on during discouraging times.
I am often called upon when someone needs a simple practical task performed.
I am often deeply moved to contribute to meet the financial needs of others.
In an organization, I prefer to lead a group.
I sense satisfaction in working to alleviate the suffering of other people.
Other Christians have been inspired by my ability to trust God.
My heart is continually burdened for unsaved friends, relatives, and acquaintances.
I enjoy studying history, geography, languages, and people.
I can help people with their problems by using the Word of God.
I am willing to stand alone for what is right.
Other believers have expressed appreciation for my teaching ministry to them.
I find myself often involved as a counselor in counseling situations with others.
I feel more at ease as an assistant than as a leader on a church related project.
Giving money to my church or another worthy cause, honestly is a joy to me and not drudgery.
I have been successful in the past in organizational planning and decision making.
I feel an unusual compassion for those with physical or spiritual needs.
The humanly impossible promises of God are not difficult for me to believe.
When I share the gospel with the unsaved, often they respond favorably.
I can usually give an answer from the Bible to those who have a question concerning the things of God.
I know what choice to make when it relates to the will of God in my life.
When there is an error committed, I feel the urgency to speak out against it.
I enjoy studying the Bible, especially with the prospect of sharing my insights with other members of the church.
My optimistic outlook on seemingly bleak circumstances has encouraged others not to despair.
I feel a sense of satisfaction when other people succeed as a result of my assistance.
I am willing to make financial sacrifices so that the cause of Christ can be extended by it.
I enjoy the responsibility for the success or failure of a group or organization.
I enjoy visiting in hospitals and/or rest homes.
I have great confidence in God’s ability to answer my prayers.