Growing Kids God’s Way: Touchpoints of Love for Your Childrenwas designed by Gary and Joy Hanson. Do you know each family member’s love language? Here is an exercise to try with your kids.

Within each group, rate the sentence 1 to 5 according to what would make you feel most appreciated and loved. The number 5 represents what you most appreciate; number 1, in contrast, is what you least appreciate in each group. (No individual grouping can have a number repeated twice)

Group One

Mom or Dad says, “You really did a great job on that. I appreciate it.”
Mom or Dad unexpectedly does something in or around the house or your room that you appreciate.
Mom or Dad brings you home a surprise treat from the store.
Mom or Dad invites you to go on a walk just for fun and to talk.
Mom or Dad makes a point to give you a big hug and kiss you before you leave the house.

Group Two

Mom or Dad tells you how much he or she appreciates you.
Mom or Dad volunteers to type your homework for you so you won’t have to.
Mom or Dad brings you home a special food treat from the local bakery.
Mom or Dad invites you to sit down and talk about your day.
Mom or Dad gives you a hug even when you are just passing by room to room.

Group Three

Mom or Dad during a party shares about the great grades you got in school.
Mom or Dad helps pick up your room.
Mom or Dad surprises you with a present you didn’t know you were getting.
Mom or Dad surprises you with a special afternoon trip.
Mom or Dad holds your hand as you walk through the mall or stands by your side with an arm around your shoulder at a public event.

Group Four

Mom or Dad praises you about one of your special abilities.
Mom or Dad brings you breakfast in bed.
Mom or Dad surprises you with a book you always wanted.
Mom or Dad plans a special night out for the two of you.
Mom or Dad will personally drive you to an event instead of you having to go on the old, crowded bus with the team.

Group Five

Mom or Dad tells you how much his or her friends appreciate you.
Mom or Dad takes the time to fill out the long forms for school that you thought you were going to have to fill out yourself.
Mom or Dad sends you something special through the mail.
Mom or Dad kidnaps you for lunch and takes you to your favorite restaurant.
Mom or Dad gives you a back rub.