A Growth Track is offered to help prospective members, new members and seasoned members grow in God’s purpose for their lives. All members are encouraged to complete each Growth Track session sequentially. Our goal is for our members to be saved, baptized, growing and serving in the body of Christ, the church. We have created the Growth Track process to assist you in this process. There is no fee for the Growth Track classes. Childcare is also provided, at no cost, with registration.

To register for Growth Track, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Growth Track 1 : Membership (required for membership)

Growth Track 1 is required for church membership. It helps members understand salvation, the structure and the strategy of Stuart Heights. You will find answers to common questions people have about the church and the way we do things. You will learn about the history of our church and why we practice certain ordinances.

Growth Track 1 is offered monthly

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Growth Track 2: Maturity

Growth Track 2 helps members discover the four habits all Christians need to grow in God’s grace.

Growth Track 2 is offered quarterly.

Growth Track 3: Ministry

Growth Track 3 helps members learn to use their S.H.A.P.E to minister to others in need.

Growth Track 3 is offered quarterly.

Growth Track 4: Mission

Growth Track 4 helps members be equipped to serve in this church. Members are provided opportunities for service and encouraged to be involved in an area of interest. Here you will find out more information about how to get involved in a specific ministry.

Growth Track 4 is offered quarterly.

Please register for Growth Track classes here: