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Be Kind, Rewind by Margy Barber

by Chandalee Chrisman

At the end of a cross-state road trip, I stopped at a red light behind a tractor-trailer. The truck had clearly seen more miles than my car that day, as road grime covered the exterior. Someone was unable to resist the urge to finger-write across the dirty surface, leaving a message for all to read. […]

Pathways to Beauty by Jenn Campbell

by Chandalee Chrisman

I can’t believe it’s 2020! WHAT?! As a child of the 70s, this is my second millennium, second century and sixth decade to be alive! The passing of time truly confounds me. While I’m grateful to the Lord for His new mercies and a fresh start, I’m also a little sad to see the previous […]

New Year, New Beginnings by Hannah Hay

by Chandalee Chrisman

There’s something refreshing about a new year, isn’t there? Often there’s this feeling of starting fresh and getting a blank slate. I tend to love this, because it’s a beautiful reminder of what Christ has done and continues to do for us. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, we’re told: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he […]

New year, New Blog!

by Chandalee Chrisman

Happy New Year, and welcome to the BRAND NEW Women’s Ministry Blog! I’m Chandalee, your Women’s Ministry Director, and I’m excited to introduce you to some amazing women through this new adventure! The women writing for our blog are all in our church family, they love Jesus, are gifted in words and can’t wait to […]