Enjoy this cute poem about love as we kick off February! We hope you’ll come back throughout the month as we share stories and ideas on loving others well.

Last night I walked,
Not awake, but asleep,
By a dream in the dark,
To a land in the deep.
I came to some woods
And hid by a tree.
And there overheard
A bird and a bee

Discussing a matter…
A matter quite strange.
The subject was love.
Its shape was their game.
The bee was a-buzzing.
The bird would not budge.
And I smiled as I pondered
This shape they called love.

The bee held in hand
A circular plate.
He buzzed out his message,
“For love, here’s the shape!”
The bird would not listen.
He pecked at the ground.
He faced the big bee 
And spoke with a frown.

“No, no! That won’t work!
I must disagree!
The shape can’t be round!
That’s way too boring!”
The bee bowed his head
And kicked at the dirt.
I felt sorry for him.
He looked rather hurt.

“No circle, no square,
No triangle, too!
You can’t decide!
What else can I do?”
The bird raised a wing
To pat his bee friend.
He had griped all day long,
Wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t bend.

“It’s not that your thoughts
Aren’t creative or fine.
It’s just that love’s shape…
Well, it must be divine!
“It must capture the essence
Of a girl and a boy,
Sharing their dreams,
Their sadness, their joy!”

The bee shook his head.
He did understand.
Back to the board.
He scratched in the sand.
For a moment I watched
As he drew on the ground.
And the bird watched close, too, 
Not making a sound.

Alas, I was startled
As the bee fell apart!
“I’ve got it!” he buzzed,
“Here’s the shape! Love’s a heart!”
The bird flew around
To stand with his friend.
He glanced at the shape,
Then, I saw him grin.

He circled the heart,
Inspecting the sight.
Then he squawked out a tune,
“Oh, yes! This is right!
“This shape is perfect!
I knew you could do it!
If I could draw love,
That’s the shape I’d put to it!”

A huge smile came
To my face as I turned.
What a dream that had been!
How much I had learned!
Awake in my bed,
I thought through the dream.
This shape of love?
What could all this mean?

It all makes sense now!
The dream helped me see.
That's why they call LOVE
The Birds and the Bees!

Meet Jenn Campbell…

Jenn Campbell is a devoted wife to her handsome husband, Brent, and a stay-at-home mom (who is rarely at home) to Ethan and Blaine. She serves the Women’s Ministry at Stuart Heights and sings with the choir and praise team. She loves to write, spend time with friends and family, bake and workout (because she loves to bake). She first penned this fun, little poem in college and has since learned an additional thing or two about the birds and the bees and true, everlasting love.