Will you accept the challenge of reading the Bible every day with us?

 On January 1, we will begin reading through the Bible together as a congregation, using the YouVersion plan “As It Happened.” This reading schedule will allow us to read the Bible in a year and follow the events as they occurred chronologically.

Join us as we encourage each other throughout the coming year in a private discussion group! To join the group, visit our Facebook page, find the post pinned to the top about this reading challenge and comment “join.” We will be updating requests once per day.

Get started in just a few easy steps:

1. Download the YouVersion app for your tablet or smartphone, OR go to bible.com on your computer.

2. Choose Reading-Plans, click Whole Bible Plans and select the plan “As it Happened.”

3. Set the translation to the one you most prefer and begin reading along with us on January 1.

With YouVersion, you can set daily reminders to come to your email or push notifications for your tablet or smart phone.

Download a printable copy of the reading schedule


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