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Connected in Community

by David Ivarson

God did not create us to live without the influences of biblical community in our lives. We lie to ourselves by saying that we are the reason that bad stuff is happening so we must deal with this alone.¬†We lie to ourselves by saying that no one else would ever understand what we are going […]

A Threefold Cord

by Chandalee Chrisman

Growing up a pastor’s daughter, I have been fortunate to have never known a season when Sunday School was not part of my life. However, about 12 years ago, I experienced Sunday school in a new way when the Body of Christ tangibly showed me what engagement in each other’s lives really meant. I was […]

And we met in Sunday School

by Brian Smith

We stood in the gravel driveway by the ranch gate and cried. My wife and I embraced our best friends and wept because we knew that this moment was the last one we would share in this sweet season of life. We had laughed together, cried together and cared for one another. We had shared […]