I heard a radio interview recently while sitting in traffic.  The interview was with a young mother of six children.  Having caught the interview midstream, I soon discovered that the conversation revolved around how she balanced such a full and busy life of being a wife and mother, filling a role of ministry leadership in her church, blog writing, etc while still keeping her personal relationship with Jesus strong and vibrant.

During the portion of the interview I heard, the host asked the woman how she handled all those responsibilities and added a specific emphasis on her having so many children at a reasonably young age.  “Aren’t your hands full?” the host asked.  The mom replied, “Yes, but they are full of wonderful things.”

I thought that to be a brilliant response.

As the dad in a fairly full house and being married to one of those very busy moms, I couldn’t help but think about my own context.  Life in the house where I live didn’t sound all that different.  We have many of the same responsibilities that the young mom shared: marriage, children, church, our own personal discipleship, homeschooling, and on, and on, and on. Indeed our hands are full.  But like the mom on the radio, they are full of wonderful gifts from God.   Which leads me to the question, how do we view the things that ‘fill our hands?’  Do we view them as beautiful and wonderful gifts from a loving Father, or do we view them as burdensome?  And as Christ’s followers, does the truth of the Bible shape our perspective?

What fills your hands today?  How do you see those things?